Eighteen thousand miles. Eight hundred rides. Nineteen countries. Three continents. One end of the globe to the other. Could you quit your job for the adventure of a lifetime?

How many rides does it take to hitch from Tasmania to London? Rogue wanderer Jamie Maslin decides to find out as he propels himself into the high stakes adventure of a lifetime. With little more than a thumb and a prayer, Maslin tackles searing deserts, freezing mountains, tropical jungle and barren steppes, figuring the rest out along the way.

The Long Hitch Home is a dynamic mix of heart-thumping adventure and well-researched social, cultural, and historical commentary on the score of countries Maslin encountered during his arduous, and at times life threatening, journey home.

Whether writing about exotic backstreets of cities few of us will get to see, or unique wonders far off the beaten track, Jamie Maslin gives a thrilling and often hilarious account of what it is like to hit the road and live with intensity and rapture.











Travel writing as it should be, fusing riveting travelogue with the sort of suppressed political history that screams out to be heard. The chapters on Laos and Indonesia will be a revelation for many, breaking the silence on epic crimes carried out in our name. A vivid and compelling read that gives a voice to those we never hear.
— Oliver Stone
Very well done. Arouses many poignant memories.
— Noam Chomsky
Finally! A travel book for adults interested not only in seeing “tourist sights” but understanding the social and political background behind them. The author has done his homework, and you’re the beneficiary. Travel with this book and you’ll return home not only a satisfied tourist but a better, more educated, and wiser citizen of the world than when you left. Travel only broadens the mind when we’re prepared to dig beneath the surface, and this book is indispensable to doing so.
— Fred Branfman (Author of 'Voices from the Plain of Jars')